USD Price Adjustment

Good news for everybody in the USA, we decided to match our USD prices with our EUR prices.

Premium: 200$

If you already (pre-)ordered the keyboard, you can expect an email very soon.


This is perhaps a very weird business decision but we were not happy with our USD pricing for a while. We originally planned to have a 1:1 EUR to USD price, but we hadn’t entirely figured out how to deal with a second currency and had to adhere to the currency exchange.

As a (former?) European citizen myself, I’d always feel a bit upset when I see equal USD to EUR prices. You know that argument, “They just changed the $ with €”. And when you look at the day value, it doesn’t seem to match at all. I can now tell from experience, what’s missing in that picture.


In the Netherlands, we have 21% VAT. To clarify, the Dutch government earns 21% on everything we sell within Europe. In the USA, it’s state and city depended and can accumulate to 10% or less.

Slippery Exchange Rate

When Trump took the presidency, everybody had a lot of trust in the USD$ and it appreciated to nearly 1:1 with the EUR. That trust has changed now and it corrected itself by now.

The point is, prices will never feel right in the long-term when we try to match them with our base currency, EUR. The fluctuating currency exchange will just mess it up.

Besides, a lot of our expenses are in USD because of the next point…

World currency

The USD is a world currency and most/all expenses are paid in USD outside of Europe. As you know, we ‘re a Dutch company but all our production related expenses happen in China and Taiwan. This also means we’re in a constant need for US dollars.

That said, long story short, we’re still having a hard time to receive USD through our payment portals without any EUR conversion happening. But that’s an entirely different (frustrating) story.

<3 Team Wooting
Calder, Jeroen, Erik

Calder Limmen Written by:

Founder of Wooting. Entrepreneur, gamer and any(thing)thusiast living in Taiwan.


  1. Colin
    July 8, 2017

    Does that mean that buyers in USD get a partial refund? That means I could save up another 100$ and buy two. 🙂

    • July 12, 2017

      That’s correct and that’d be amazing 😀 but what’ll you do with two haha.

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