All day gaming at Dreamhack Winter

Wooting is gearing up for the biggest gaming LAN part of the year, Dreamhack Winter. Over 20,000 gamers from the world come to Sweden with their gaming gear to compete, play and trololol with each other, while watching their favourite gaming athletes compete for the championship cup.

We three (Calder, Jeroen and Erik) will also join the fun among the players on the gigabyte tables in style with our Wooting T-shirts. We hope to learn from you and everybody present at Dreamhack what you prefer in gaming gear and how our mechanical keyboard can improve your gaming experience.

We heartily invite anybody to come visit us in Hall D, Gigabyte tables D68, seat 62/64/66, to play some PS3 (old school style), drink a beer, and have a talk. If you walk away with a Wooting sticker unnoticedly stuck on your back, then call it a success and walk with pride.

Wooting T-shirt decalls
Wooting T-shirt decals

During the event, we’ll be reporting live what’s going on during our stay, from the E-sport competitions to crazy gaming moments. Starting Wednesday morning, when we kick off our trip from the Netherlands to Sweden, our live blog will go online for you to follow. We’ll update the blog as the event progresses, with pictures, videos and well… text.

See you at Dreamhack!

Find Wooting here
Find Wooting here

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