Wooting two HE | Batch 1 coming in hot! Update #5

The Wooting two HE Batch 1 Mass production was a success. On the 30th of July, the entire production was completed including during production quality control.

We encountered 1 non-critical issue. Too much lube. 5-12 switches per keyboard have a small radius of lube around it on the plate. When the lube was cleaned from the keyboard, it would reappear the following day. Since the issue does nothing to the performance or function, but only appearance, we decided to complete the production.

The Lekker switches are lubed at the switch factory before it’s delivered at the assembly factory. The lube is applied to the inside housing and stem axis, when the switch contains too much lube inside the housing, it’ll start to leak out from minor openings in the switch housing. When the switch is assembled to the keyboard, the lube starts to leak onto the plate and cause an “oil” or darker spot around the switch.

It’s easily removed with rubbing alcohol, causes no damage to the keyboard. After a few days the excess lube is out, and it won’t return after wiping it clean. It just can’t wait a few days on the assembly line.

Interestingly, we did not encounter this issue with the Wooting two Lekker Edition. After some investigation, we concluded that the lube used in this Lekker switch batch is thinner than the original batch. This was also noticeable when looking at the lube leakage on the PCB from the switch axis. The Lekker Edition had an obvious thicker lube that would spread in a circle shape of the center axes tube. It’d be contained inside the seal of the PCB and the axis tube. With this switch batch, however, there were leakage marks on the PCB coming from the switch housing (observation, no issues).

We’re taking a look if we can solve the issue for Wooting two HE batch 2 production (coming soon), my bet is a thicker lube, but not less lube(!). I had to emphasize this to the assembly factory as well, as they also frequently communicate with suppliers on (minor) issues or improvements to lower defect rates, that: I don’t want any less lube.

Update 22 August: We haven’t had any complaints or people notice the lube leak to date. If you’re still going to receive it, it’d be great if you can let us know if you had any, or else we need to speculate that it dried up and disappeared during transit.

Shipments when?

All the goods were picked up and on their way. The winner of the race is already known: air freight Batch 1 for all orders starting with INT. We already have them in our warehouse and are getting all the final details ready for batch shipment.

It’s also interesting to know that freight costs have sharply risen over the months and are continuing to rise as we get close to the Christmas period.

Check which batch you’re in here:

Batch 1 – Air Freight | USA/Canada

It’s at the forwarder’s warehouse awaiting its flight. The given ETA is 20 days, which would mean we can start shipments in the week of 23 August. I was not able to book any faster air freight schedule to the USA and the rates are increasing daily. Tracking itself doesn’t start until it hits the US coast.

You should have already received an email to double-check your shipping address. If there’s any change to your shipping address, please let us know by emailing social@wooting.io

Batch 1 – Sea Freight | USA/Canada

At the forwarder and awaiting its vessel. The given ETA is 30-50 days, which would mean we can start shipments in the week of 20 September. This was also the soonest sea freight schedule. Tracking itself doesn’t start until it hits the US coast.

Batch 1 – Air Freight | Europe/Rest of World

This is now at our Netherlands warehouse. We’re preparing the final details to make sure we can pack everything within a day. All shipments including the ISO-DE keycaps will have a minor delay, as we have not received them yet. There’s an air parcel on its way.

You should have already received an email to double-check your shipping address. If there’s any change to your shipping address, please contact me direct on Discord (OhMyOats). It’s too late now – so only urgent requests.

Batch 1 – Sea Freight | Europe/Rest of World

It’s on vessel: HMM GARAM – it’s expected in Rotterdam on the 3rd of September. Then it’ll need to go through customs clearance, I expect it at our warehouse on the 8-10th of September. Depending on the arrival date, shipments will take place on either the 10th or 14th of September.

Funny to note here, Rail freight is a faster option but the train wasn’t leaving until the 28th of August, with an expected arrival of 14 September. Based on this, I went through with sea freight.

Batch 2

The Hall-effect sensors experienced a few delays that pushed it back by 2 weeks. It was in a queue at the IC factory. Thankfully we got confirmation that they’ll ship them to us on the 12th of August. We can then continue forwarding it to the factory with other IC parts that we have here.

The planned date was the 28th of August. This might still work out but it’s too risky/right to green light. So the production is pushed back to the start of September – pending on a new date. I would expect the latest by mid-September. I will update you as soon as I have more information.

Live at the new office

This 13th of August there’s the bi-weekly Wooting livestream at the new Wooting office space. Nothing fancy, but it’s special to us, as we’ve always worked remote. This is the first time there’s a semi-permanent office location where a few of us work together. (few = Jeroen, me, and occasionally Erik popping by… lol).

Join the livestream and talk with us!


CEO & Co-Founder

Calder Limmen Written by:

Co-founder & CEO at Wooting.


  1. Richard Williams
    August 11, 2021

    All you guys deserve a break for the massive amount of effort you put in for the HE board. Thank you all for this, the journey has been quite anxious with constant quality checking and us all anticipating with hope if all went smoothly. I feel confident that I’ll enjoy my HE for years to come (hell maybe even ever). As someone (in Australia) eagerly awaiting the shipment confirmation, I feel that Christmas may be coming sooner for us Batch 1 people this year. We will watch your careers with great interest, and for Project V!

    • August 14, 2021

      I appreciate the kind words Richards, I/we get a lot of pleasure from the work, and when people like yourself understand the effort that goes into this, then it’s already a massive help. I’m confident you’re going to thoroughly enjoy your Wooting two HE. The keyboard is an absolute pleasure to play and type with.

  2. Jordan
    August 13, 2021

    Disappointed that Batch 1 is shipping with lube issues but as far as I can tell I’m not in batch 1 (that’s a good and bad thing). Very disappointed that I didn’t receive an email that the blog had a new update too. While I want to support awesome and innovative keyboards that you are producing it is getting hard to. It is already months past the estimated arrival date and event I ordered the keyboard for and I don’t really want a batch 1 or batch 2 (concerned about the sensors and lube leakage for batch 2). Obviously you are going in the right direction to get the boards done but if I have to wait so long for it there should be no reason to compromise. I would rather wait for it to be done properly.

    Please keep being open and honest about the developments but also keep preorderers informed about updates on the blog rather than expecting them to check it. It is better that we are kept informed. Send email updates. Please don’t go bankrupt either – I have had a bad experience with another company taking pre orders and then not delivering (been 2 or maybe 3 years and no updates at all from them). I still want the keyboard and caps I paid for!

    • August 14, 2021

      Hi Jordan, perhaps I hadn’t clarified the lube issue well enough. It causes no damage, nor is there any defect. When you receive it, you can wipe it away with rubbing alcohol and, because it had time to settle, it’ll not come back anymore. You could also just leave it and it’ll be hidden after installing the keycaps. The lube itself also does no damage to any of the components and helps create a smoother and quiet switch. We are just not able to solve it at the assembly, as it leaks excess lube very slow over a few days, only from switches that have excess lube inside.

      We send out an email with every update, but it’s not always on the same day we publish the blog. If you didn’t receive it, make sure to check your spam, or perhaps you had unsubscribed from the list. I do my best to keep the updates running as frequent as possible, but the more elaborate, the more time consuming, this is why we always share 10min updates during the Twitch live stream and publish these 10min updates on Youtube afterward.

      I’m sorry to hear of your bad experience, we are still thriving, and weathered through worse situation (Wooting two Lekker Edition development). If we ever get to a situation where we face financial issues, you can expect us to hear from us, and likely even raise capital with the stakeholders that have the most interest, you and fellow Wooting supporters.


  3. Matti
    August 20, 2021

    Was so close to get a Razer analog keyboard, but saw a YouTube video of review of your latest keyboard on Linux. As you provide the software to Linux which razer don’t so I’m now waiting to the glorious day when I can connect it to my Linux machine.
    Just hope that I knew how long it may take before you can send it, Hope its not batch 3…

    Had been nice with a mouse too with lekker switches and wireless versions as for me who like less cable cluster on my table (yes I’m not a gamer).

    • August 22, 2021

      We still have Batch 2 available – I recommend to get the Air freight option when available again (you’ll receive an email). It can save a month in transit time.

      We’re working on more and more quality of life Linux and OSX improvements. Excited to see our Linux support is one of the reasons for getting a Wooting.

      Glad to have you on board!

      • Matti
        August 22, 2021

        I try to put my money where I get native Linux support.

        As far as I noticed while I ordered the KB was that there was just NL Post and DHL, so had no idea that there was other differences than the few extra days of delay from NL when using the NL Post.

        So how do you upgrade the delivery alternative?

  4. mike
    August 22, 2021

    I am getting a bit agro over the long lead time but I do realize that there is a global shortage of all sorts of chips so I have cut you some slack. I ordered at the end of December of last year and we are almost to September now so it is getting rather hard to hold ones temper at this point. Worse yet I don’t even know if I am in batch one or batch two… Really like to get the KB before the end of this year!

    • August 22, 2021

      Hi Mike – thank you for your understanding. Splitting the batches in shipment speeds is something we hadn’t done before and we’re learning how we can create more transparency and make it easier for people to check the timeline and batch.

      We for example made a tool to check your batch based on order number:

      It’s a learn and evolve process for us. Doing the best we can do given the circumstances.

      You’ll definitely receive it before the end of the year 🙂 But if your Batch 2, I strongly recommend to get Air freight and save yourself at least 1 month.

  5. JJ
    September 15, 2021

    Are there any estimate on when the Air freight of Batch 2 would be arriving to you in NL?

  6. Zach Spangler
    September 21, 2021

    So I don’t know if its a thing yet but is it possible to make a custom toggle to changed which strafe angle we want, for example in fortnite the ideal is 62% but the others have their uses, so maybe make the ability to toggle to a second strafe percent profile? so I will have 2 profiles 1 for 62% and one for 100%? I don’t know if that would be pushing the rules of cheating or not but maybe a thought, maybe you guys already have that function and I am just overlooking it, or maybe you have already had this idea but hey why not right?

  7. Frederick Pallas
    October 10, 2021

    Just checked the ship,its in Cornwall.YAY

  8. Cosmin
    October 17, 2021

    I pre-odered and paid for the keyboard on Dec’20. Estimated delivery was Mar’21. In Aug’21 I inquired about the status and I was told the delivery will happen during Sep’21. It is now mid Oct’21 and nothing happened. Why are you still taking pre-orders when you still have to deliver on orders from last year?!

    • October 17, 2021

      You must be part of Batch 1 sea freight order starting with INT. This was struck with the terrible Asie-Europe traffic and the boat only last week arrived at our warehouse. These are the last possible orders from 2020. I’m sorry for the long duration. We knew this might happen, this is why we also offered everybody to upgrade to air freight, these were already delivered in August.

      There are frequent updates found on our Discord #stock_updates channel on this, and the bi-weekly livestream/10min updates it’s covered as well. These larger blogs are not made for frequent updates or these logistical updates. You can find larger detailed updates and if applicable changes to estimated delivery on the blog.

      We have already shipped out:
      Batch 1 Air – All orders
      Batch 1 Sea – US done, orders starting INT this week.
      Batch 2 Air – US done, orders starting INT this week.

      We take orders on Batch 2 sea, these are already on vessel to warehouse. This is all expected in mid and end November depending on region. We can’t change or speed up the schedule once its on the vessel, whatever reason there is for the vessel to delay is completely out of out control.

      This was also the situation with your vessel for batch 1. We already had the goods ready at start of August, the soonest vessel was on 27nd of August (which got changed by loaders), and this vessel delayed +1 month for what is unknown reason for me.

      We recently also received a shipment of keycaps that we had sent by sea freight tracking 3 month back. It’s ridiculous.

      Hope that clarifies it for you. Thanks.

      • Cosmin
        October 26, 2021

        Just received mine yesterday! It’s everything I imagined it to be, very nice and well built. Thank you.

  9. Cosmin
    October 21, 2021

    All right, thank you for the clarification! I was starting to freak out, not so much about the longer waiting time but because of the uncertainty.

    • Jarad Olson
      October 24, 2021

      Any news for those of us who ordered in the past couple of months?
      I’m pretty jacked!

  10. Frederick Pallas
    October 23, 2021

    Got mine yesterday.
    Put it upside down on a heater after putting on the buttons,to let the lube go back.
    Keyboard is perfect,but the wootility v4 is slow.
    Had some issues after switching usb slots (old and new wootility installed,unplugged my One before).

  11. Matti
    October 29, 2021

    Got mine a couple days ago, have to go with the corsair pbt keycaps as the ain’t much of pics for Nordic keycaps.

    The thing I didn’t get to work was the analog, there is no analog device appearing in /dev so nothing to connect to for applications that allows you to use game pads.

  12. damao
    November 20, 2021

    When can we buy wooting two he in main land of china? thank you!

    • November 22, 2021

      At this time we don’t have a local reseller in China. You can purchase it f rom our international store excl. VAT when shipping international: https://wooting.store/

  13. Jordan
    December 24, 2021

    Just unpacked my wooting today and had issues with lube leakage. Cleaned with isopropyl alcohol as suggested and seems to have cleared it all up. One suggestion though – the RGB LEDs look like they flicker (probably PWM controlled) – is it possible to use something like constant current reduction dimming in future products? I hate flickering lights and so will have to leave them turned off.

    • December 24, 2021

      Hi Jordan,

      Glad you received it. Concerning the flicker, you’re the first I’m picking up on this. Do you have the issue with all brightness, on idle, and effects?

      We are familiar with what you’re experiencing from past customers on the Wooting one, but have addressed this at the time. I have passed over the feedback to my colleagues, but it’s hard for us to tackle as we know none that have the issue.

      you’re welcome to DM me on Discord, wooting.io/discord.


  14. Jordan
    December 24, 2021

    Sorry for the double post, but I just tried this keyboard out playing UT2004 and it is insane! You are so much better connected with what is going on and the coordination between aiming while moving is vastly improved! Congratulations and thankyou for all the hard work the wooting team have put in, Definately has been worth the wait, I don’t see how any other keyboard on the market can top this when it comes to gaming.

    • January 5, 2022

      Glad to read this, that’s exactly what we look to do.

  15. May 29, 2022

    Got mine a couple days ago, have to go with the corsair pbt keycaps as the ain’t much of pics for Nordic keycaps.

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